suitti (suitti) wrote,

Jupiter's scar

It took several minutes to convince myself that i was seeing the new spot last night, in my 10" at 240x. I tried a trick i'd heard. Since Jupiter is so low (24 degrees at 11 last night), the idea was to use an oxygen 3 filter. The idea is that, being narrowband, there'd be no chromatic aberration from the atmosphere. However, IMO, i saw more detail without it. The main problem seemed to be that the O3 filter tossed away too much light. And, the atmosphere had as it's worst feature, turbulence. So it was mostly comparing an out of focus dim green Jupiter to a brighter out of focus Jupiter. For that matter, it was at least five minutes to convince myself that i'd set the focus as good as it was going to get.

I did not see the GRS or GRS Jr. But i did see quite a huge structure in the Northern band. This was darker, but matched the big parallelogram in the first image. (North is down).

So, if Harry Potter 6 weren't in theaters right now, would we be calling this new feature on Jupiter a scar? I dunno. There's not much resemblance.

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