suitti (suitti) wrote,

Where can you name a star for free?

This is more from my adventures on Yahoo! Answers. As i've said, a complete waste of time. Here's my answer:

Polaris with Polaris BHere's a trick that i've used to good effect. I picked a really, really bright star that happens to be nearly due north. I watched it a bit, and it doesn't move much, all night. Most of the other stars seem to circle it.

I named it "Polaris". I didn't go to a web site and buy the star name. I didn't even write it down. It just thought it was a good name for the star. You know, cause it's right there by the pole.

When i looked it up in a planetarium program, to my astonishment, they used the very same name for the star! It's official.

So, as a follow up, i was looking at Leo. There's this one really, really bright star. And i thought, "Hey, that's the King star of Leo." And lions are the kings of the beasts. And, i'd read Harry Potter. So i called it "Regulus". It's a great name for a great star. And guess what? That's what my planetarium calls it. That's two, and completely free!
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